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Team Enablement Services

The complexity of modern platforms and diversity of new technologies nowadays, raise the need for experienced engineers who take over designing, implementing and operating these platforms in a professional way that stabilize the business and increase productivity. Finding the right experienced engineers is a big concern that faces organizations all the time. Another primary concern that knocks each business door is employee turnover. A high turnover rate affects the continuity of service to clients and also affect other employees productivity.


To overcome these issues, experienced engineers should be hired which may cost organizations time and budget, or to rely on extensive training and workshops for new fresh engineers fulfilling their experience gap.


Our team enablement services ensure our clients get the right experience to their teams in weeks instead of years through extensive workshops that address a technology/product from different aspects. The Team enablement services are divided into two main programs; one for the pre-sales team and one for the post-sales team.


Pre-sales Enablement Program,

Targets system engineers and solution architects who take over solution design, product/technology presentations, competitive analysis and solution/product ordering.


Post-sales Enablement Program,

Targets implementation and operation engineers who take over solution/product implementation, migration, operation, and support.

Our Team Enablement Services bring you REAL BENEFITS


Boost your team experience through extensive hands on workshops that simulate real life situations and scenarios.


Keep your business stability by addressing experienced-engineers turnover issue through transferring experience to fresh graduated engineers in weeks instead of years.


Win competition against your competitors by well understanding key values and competitive advantages of the solution/product you are offering.


Gain more profit by opening new market segments through enabling your pre-sales and post-sales teams for a new technology.


Save cost by customizing the program as per your need focusing on subjects of your interest.

Team Enablement

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  • This program targets system engineers and solution architects who take care of solution design, product/technology presentations, competitive analysis and solution/product ordering.

  • The program mainly focuses on how to steer clients' business needs into valid technical solution with the optimum design while addressing challenges that raise during pre-sales cycle.

  • Program candidates go through extensive hands on solutions designs, product/technology presentations, competitive analysis and ordering of products.

  • Candidates contribute in round table discussions where real challenges raised from clients or competitors are simulated, and they learn how to overcome these challenges.

  • Candidates get in depth knowledge of solution/product architectures, solution/product key features, and business values.

  • Candidates learn how to find products promotions, how to order products and how to use vendor portal to create valid BoMs.

  • The program also covers how to build technical documents like Solution description, BoQs, RFPs...etc


  • This program targets implementation and operation engineers who take care of solution/product implementation, migration, operation, and support.

  • Program focus on the well understanding of technology/product architecture, traffic flow, configurations and fine tuning.

  • Program candidates go through extensive hands on Labs where real life scenarios are simulated, and they learn how to take over the implementation of these scenarios. 

  • Candidates learn the baseline of best practice configuration, how to select a protocol or feature that best match design and how to simplify configurations to ease troubleshooting in future.

  • Candidates learn how to take over migrations smoothly, how to break down a migration plan into low-level tasks, and how to interleave these tasks together minimizing downtime.

  • The program also covers how to create technical documents like  Low-level design, interconnection matrix, migration plans, ..etc

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