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Network DevOps Engineer (NDOE)


The Network DevOps Engineer (NDOE) is a Vendor Neutral course that is developed for whom seeking to understand Network Programmability and Automation Tools along with Software Defined Networking (SDN) Principles, Architecture, and Landscape. The course validates the ability to well-understand DevOps tools, write automation scripts, and differentiate between SDN methodologies. The course is recommended for Network Architects, Network Consultants and Network Operation Engineers who are involved in DevOps.

This course is part of our Engineered Training Services that deliver value-added courses which cover the concerned technologies from all aspects as well as other related fundamentals or technologies from zero level to the expert level incorporating case studies and real-life scenarios that benefit participants in their actual work environment.


Course Prerequisites


There are no specific prerequisites for this course, although it's recommended to fulfill below points to better understand technologies and features:

  • Recommended to have at least CCNA R&S certification or equivalent knowledge.

  • Recommended to have at least 1 – 3 years of networking experience.

  • Recommended to have a laptop in Lab sessions.

Course Related Certifications

This course is not aligned with any official certifications. The Course is custom developed for who seeks to get into Network Programmability, Automation and to well-understand SDN architecture and its landscape for both Open and Vendor SDN solutions. The course can help significantly to achieve Vendor Programmability Certifications like Cisco NPDESI.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding of Linux Fundamentals and base Linux commands and tools that are essential for Network Programmability and Automation tools.

  • Understanding Python Data Types, logic, functions, methods, modules, libraries that can be used in Network Programmability and Automation.

  • Understanding utilization of Data format languages and APIs to transfer data between network devices and network applications.

  • Understanding how to write Network Configuration Templates with simplified scripts using Jinja.

  • Ability to write a complete python program that can be used to manage network configuration on different network devices.

  • Understanding Automation tools, key-values and their use in Network Configuration Automation.

  • Ability to use Ansible Automation Tool in Network Configuration Management on different network devices.

  • Understanding Software-Defined networking (SDN) basics, Landscape and the different flavors of SDN implementations.

  • Understanding OpenFlow Protocol along with its specifications, architecture and benefits.

  • Qualifying CLI Network Engineers to be engaged in Network DevOps and to turn into DevOps Engineers.

Course Added Values

  • Consolidating core network programmability and automation topics into one single course ensuring effective knowledge and realization of the whole picture.

  • Conducting Session by Session labs on every topic ensuring practical experience and getting into touch with Network DevOps tools.

  • Delivering the latest architecture and technologies landscape ensuring transferring up-to-date knowledge compared with regular certificate courses.

  • Ease the move for Network Engineers towards Network DevOps Era without the need to acquire knowledge from different resources and course saving time, cost and efforts.


Network Programmability

Network Automation

Software Defined Networking


40 hour


Vendor Neutral

Target Audience

System (Presales) Engineers

Solution Architects

Implementation Engineers

Operations Engineers

Network Developers


Offsite Classroom

Onsite Classroom

Tools and Materials

Animated Presentation

Labs (Programming, Automation tools, SDN Controllers, NX-OSv)

Student Book - Printed Copy

Lab Guide - PDF

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding Network Programmability

  • Understanding Network Programmability Fundamentals

  • Understanding Linux Fundamentals

  • Understanding Python for Networking

  • Understanding Data Format Languages (XML, JSON, YAML)

  • Understanding YANG Data Model

  • Understanding Jinja Configuration Templating Language

  • Understanding Application Programming Interfaces - APIs

  • Understanding NAPALM Python Library

  • Workshop – Complete Network Programs


Module 2: Understanding Network Automation

  • Understanding Automation Fundamentals

  • Understanding Ansible Automation Tool

  • Understanding Event-Driven Network Automation

  • Workshop - Automating Datacenter Network Switches using Ansible


Module 3: Understanding Software Defined Networking (SDN)

  • Understanding SDN Defenition and Fundamentals

  • Understanding OpenSDN Architecture

  • Understanding OpenFlow Protocol Architecture, Specifications, and Operation

  • Understanding Alternative SDN Architectures

  • Understanding SDN Applications

  • Understanding SDN OpenSource and Vendors Landscape




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