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 Our belief in the ethics of trust, transparency, and honesty supplied by 'Respect Voice of the Customer', ensures that our clients get real valuable unprecedented services that actually tackle their needs. We are trying to bring a new customer experience by establishing an ongoing relationship that goes beyond short-term engagements. A relationship that ensures our customers across industries navigate their way through new technologies and improving their business through everyday innovation. 

Simply, 'Bringing a new customer experience'. 




 Our vision is to spread knowledge and transfer experience elevating awareness and enlightenment level for all who take over Datacenter Technologies, enabling them to build their solutions and strategies based on scientific principles and actual needs that bring valuable outcomes. 




With more than 10 years, A Long-term design/architecting experience coupled with a solid consulting and technical experience that brings our customers valuable services. A service that outlines a technology/product from high level and low level perspectives while exposing its features and values up to its limitations and guidelines considering the whole technology insertion life cycle from design, preparation to implementation phases.


CCIE-RS # 38989




Special interest in developing valuable courses, presentations, and team enablement programs enriched with developed materials that ease learning and consolidate information into one single source for the audience. Innovated a new way for customizing courses with 'Build Your Own Course" training services that enable our clients to choose their topics of interest matching their needs and getting much more valuable courses. Part of our training services success is our precious attendees from Solution architects, System Engineers, Network Consultants and Network engineers from different Enterprises, System Integrators, and ISPs who share their experience, cases, and problems during courses' sessions.




Designed 50+ Datacenter/Enterprise Solutions for leading Corporates across different industries, holding workshops, developing technical and business presentations, carrying-out competitive analysis and steering customers' business needs into valid technical solution with high business outcomes. Another part of design experience was assisting customers in developing their next-year Plans/Strategies, estimating BRs, measuring Solutions ROI and creating new opportunities that fit their business model. From another side, developing technologies/products insertion strategy while defining market segments that can accommodate these new technologies/products.




Bringing a solid consulting experience to our clients founded from more than 6 years of expertise in the technical field, taking over 30+ Enterprise/Datacenter implementation and migration projects. During this period, a strong technical background was built taking over large implementation/ migration projects, conducting network assessments, developing Migration Plans, developing Configuration Templates, leading teams in Major/Critical projects, troubleshooting escalated cases and conducting technical orientation sessions and hands on labs for my colleagues.




  • Developing Customized Valuable Training that best-fit our Clients Needs. 

  • Enabling System Engineers, Solution Architects and Implementation Teams for Datacenter Technologies.

  • Designing Advanced Datacenter Solutions, Developing Implementation/Migration Plans and Contriving Consulting Services.

  • Steering Business Needs into Valid Technical Solutions ensuring High Business Outcomes.

  • Developing Technical and Business Proposals for Datacenter/Enterprise Solutions.

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