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Build YOur Own Course

Build your own course is a unique training service that brings for the first time the ability to build a customized course with selected modules of your interest in order to focus on specific subjects without padding the course with needless subjects. This training service saves time and costs efficiently while maximizing learning values by focusing on specific subjects.


Modules cover a broad range of technologies and products from different categories. Some modules cover vendor's technology or product while others cover vendor-neutral technologies. From another side, some modules cover technology or product from design perspective while others cover them from a more technical perspective. This variation and diversity bring great flexibility in customizing a course that truly fit our clients' needs.


Terms and conditions:

  • Cost is calculated in hourly basis, not in seat bases. Course cost is calculated by total hours of selected modules.

  • Course candidates shouldn't exceed 10 seats. Each additional seat over 10 seats, will be charged individually. 

  • Each course's total hours shouldn't exceed 80 hours with a minimum of 8 hours.

  • Course can be delivered in offsite classrooms or onsite as per client desire.


Explore 'Build Your Own Course' modules below and start building your own course.

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