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Consulting Services

In recent years as complexity has grown around datacenter technologies, integrations, and management; a need has surfaced for a more sophisticated approach for accessing, integrating and leveraging data. Modern applications and virtualization technologies along with numerous hardware and software platforms are causing a shift away from single-platform solutions towards more cross-platform integrated solutions that focus on automation, analysis, self-healing, and agility along with ease of management to better serve business applications.


Working with these new theologies requires an in-depth understanding of these technologies along with their integration levels to optimally select the right one. Technology insertion also requires optimum planning and best-practice configuration to efficiently utilize it in a way that brings its business values.


Our Consulting Services help our clients to be inline with new technology trends, better understand them, and to select what truly suit their environments. These services also assist them to overcome their datacenter bottlenecks, issues and to move forward for a datacenter with smooth non-disruptive operations, simplified management while lowering both CAPEX and OPEX and getting their business process enhanced.

Our Consulting Services bring you REAL BENEFITS


Easily create your business strategy/plan after identifying real needs, gaps and issues.


Evaluate the target technology and save cost by selecting best-fitting solution/product without oversizing or inappropriate features.


Increase your business continuity by mentoring and auditing on projects lifecycle ensuring smooth and successful projects.


Elevate your datacenter /network performance and stability using assessment and development services. 


Enrich your environment operation and functionality through recruiting qualified candidates. 



  • Assisting our clients in developing their business plan/strategy addressing their business needs, solving issues and enhancing the business process.

  • Assisting our clients in assigning BRs using budgetary figures BoMs and developing business-value presentations.

  • Assisting our clients in measuring Solutions' ROI by revealing its modality in optimizing TCO and highlighting business outcomes.

  • Assisting our clients to identify their business goals, technical goals, and limitations that govern selecting a solution.

  • Selection of an architecture/ technologies to cover the needed goals (Business and Technical).


  • Assisting clients in prioritizing features and functions of interest to their environment.

  • Selection of the right technology/product that best-fit client's environment without oversizing or under-sizing.

  • Assisting clients in well-understanding the competitive advantages of solutions/products.

  • Assisting clients in comparing features of a solution/product across its similarities from other vendors to see where the other solutions outperform it and where they fall short.

  • Taking over vendor round-table discussions.

  • Conducting products/technologies demonstration if applicable.


  • Auditing and mentoring on behalf of our clients over all project phases from Design Phase, Preparation phase and Execution phase ensuring smooth and successful projects.

  • Taking over technical discussions and meeting with vendors or system integrators for solution build-up.

  • Auditing and reviewing Bill of Materials (BOMs), Solution description and RFPs proposed by solution provider ensuring best-fitting solutions that truly conform to client needs.

  • Reviewing configuration templates, implementation plans, migration plans ensuring business continuity and best practice configuration.

  • Auditing on implementation phase executed by vendor/system integrator technical engineers.

  • Building Acceptance tests criteria on which project conforms to what agreed upon and is considered closed.


  • Conducting Design Assessment which let our clients understand and mitigate the most common design gaps/bottlenecks.

  • Conducting Configuration Assessment highlighting misconfiguration, clearing undesired excessive configuration and move forward to a best practice configuration that grant hardening, stability, and ease of troubleshooting.

  • Developing technical standards for enterprises including best-practice configuration templates, IP addressing scheme, Name convenience scheme, configuration backup Plans...etc.

  • Developing Implementation and Migration Plans assuring stable and successful deployments.

  • Technical documentation Assessment and Development assuring organized, info-rich,  and up to date documents. Documentation includes HLD, LLD, Interconnection Matrix...etc 


  • Carrying out extensive technical interviews on behalf of our clients helping them to select qualified candidates to join their team.

  • Nominating technically qualified candidates from our side to our clients letting them execute HR interviews only.

  • Qualifying our clients' technical team by conducting technical assessments for their team, highlighting the lack of knowledge areas and setting their goals/training plans. 


If you can't find your demand through our services, simply contact us and we will do our best to serve you.

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