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"It was my pleasure to attend Data Center Infrastructure training course with Ahmed Elsheikh … This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The venue, materials & facilitation was excellent. I recommend this training to all IT engineers interested in real progress in their careers. The training was very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. The other participants were amazing & I learned a lot from their experience and insights. I found the course very useful and will hopefully be able to put some of it into practice.

Content and presentation by the trainer was consistently high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area – while challenging us to clarify and to find our own answers. I feel that all the techniques used, the methods, the videos/power-point were extremely good.

The program was really amazing. Experienced trainer with huge knowledge from multiple technology in the IT industry. Looking forward to have training with the same trainer.”

Islam Saber

Enterprise Solutions Technical Presales Manager


“My DC training was one of the most excellent trainings I’ve ever had, contains rich materials & in depth knowledge, instructor had a great set of skills & wide experience, I really had an effective training”

Mohamed El Iraqy

Advisor, Core Data Network Engineering & Development

Orange Egypt


Special thanks to our clients who have taken the time to write such great testimonials. Your trust in us and your appreciation means much more to us than we can say. 


We truly cherish each one of you.

Your business is our business, and we care.

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