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Training Services

As technology evolves and diversifies in many areas, the demand increases for engineers who take care of and master these technologies in order to capitalize on its benefit. The way to align engineers with new technologies, is to engage them with beneficial technical training. Organizations spend considerable budget on engineers training and development but most of the time, this budget is wasted on courses where only a portion of the content is useful to audience. 


Customized training is built to meet specific learning needs whereby content and exercises are tailored to bridge the gap from the current state to the desired state where key learning outcomes can be measured. Customized courses allow organizations to maximize learning value, minimize learning costs and provide a quality training experience that bring fruitful knowledge.


Our training services off ensure effective and efficient knowledge transfer utilizing professional experience, excellent teaching skills and  delivering customized courses that allow organizations to spend the right amount of money for the right contents catering to specific needs of interest. This allows organizations to streamline the training, and emphasize those key areas that are critical to business.

Key Benefits

Be expert in the technology of your interest in ultimate short time by understanding the technology from zero to expert level without the need to attend more course or spend long time to learn from various resources.

Save time, cost and focus on key subjects by building your own course with content of your interest.

Keep in touch with latest technology updates with up to date course contents.

Incorporating case studies and exercises pertinent to the participants’ actual work environment to assist them in understanding how information relates back to their daily work routine.

Flexible course locations let you save more time and efforts by running courses onsite.

Maximize learning outcomes by gaining valuable information and experience  from shared perspectives and group brainstorming throughout the sessions.

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Engineered Courses

Engineered courses offer a new experience of training to participants by introducing the technology/product in a new way that ensure participants get the maximum learning benefits. An engineered course covers the concerned technology from all its aspects as well as other dependent fundamentals or technologies that must be addressed to well-understand the concerned technology. 

An engineered course is a value-added course that takes over the concerned technology from scratch to the expert level through extensive knowledge and practice during the course sessions. Best practice recommendations, limitations, guidelines and real-life scenarios are also introduced to make sure participants get more learning benefits and leverage these information in tasks relevant to their daily work routine.

Engineered Courses have fixed syllabus with fixed duration. Course cost is calculated per seat and course can be delivered in offsite classrooms or onsite as per client desire. Please refer to our                                   to explore current courses that're opened for registration.

Explore Our Engineered Courses

Engineered Courses

Datacenter Infrastructure Engineer (DCIE)

Cisco Technologies, 80 hours

Datacenter Networking Engineer (DCNE)

Cisco Technologies, 40 hours

Datacenter Computing Engineer (DCCE)

Cisco Technologies, 40 hours

Datacenter Infrastructure Fundamentals (DCIF)

Vendor Neutral, 40 hours

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